I’ve been using the Justine Tissue oil for over 4 weeks now, the oil is packaged in a 100ml bottle and I’m obsessed with the packaging guys. The oil has a orange colour which is something I like as well because it’s different from other tissue oils that usually has a yellowish colour. The Justine Tissue oil also has a scent which I’m not really fond of but not against either.

The proof is in the pudding right?

As you guys can see the stretch marks on my stomach are a lot lighter (end results on the right) then what they used to be.

The ones behind my knee are starting to disappear yay!

I’ve also been applying the tissue oil on areas where I didn’t have stretch marks initially just to keep my skin moisturized and hydrated as my stomach stretches and sadly I still got stretch marks. I guess the moral of the story is tissue oil doesn’t prevent stretch marks from appearing but rather just reduces the appearance of them once you have them (I legit didn’t know this guys).

Would I recommend this product? Yes I would even though I’m disappointed that it took a whole month for me to start seeing results.


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