“Living life in colour” I think this line describes me completely. I’m all for bold, uniqueness and living life in the now and I express that not only with my fashion but with all things Me and that includes my hair. So I’ve been trying out different Colours with my hair and I decided to compile a post for you guys. 

  1. GREY

The first colour I did was the grey hair, now a year ago grey was the next big thing and everybody wanted to be bold and try it out, of cause I was one of them and this is how it looked. 


The 2nd colour I pulled was the blue and while braids, now you probably asking why blue? Well blue is my favour colour and well I was a big skeptical about how it’ll look and if it would suit me I took the leap and did it anyway.


Once I got into the hang of the whole colour shebang, I figured go big or go home right? and ended up pulling a purple reign move. 

This was a bolder colour then the other 2 I’ve done but it looked great. I actually ended up doing faux locs with this colour a few weeks ago. 


If you an X-men fan then you’ll know who I resemble with this next colour. I actually wanted to go off a light grey look but the fibre I bought was more white-ish then grey,so there I was looking like storm. 


 The last colour I did was this amazing olive green, now I absolutely loved it, it was so bold yet fit in,in my opinion. 
I hope you guys liked this post, and if you’ve tried any bold Colours or thinking of please comment below and let me know, I’d love to hear from you guys! 


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