Hey guys, about two years ago I knew absolutely nothing about makeup so if you a beginner wanting to get out there then this is just for you. Going into a beauty store can be overwhelming especially if you a newbie so these are the basic products you should have. 


in order for your make up to look smooth and last longer you’ll need to get a primer. For starting out you can just get a colorless primer like the one I have in the picture. I got the Maybeline baby skin instant eraser Primer at Foschini at R94.99 retail price. Not only does it make your makeup look smooth but it also helps in hiding pores. 


When looking for the perfect base keep these things in mind, make sure you test it against your neck and not your face or arm. This will determine you getting the perfect shade for your face. Also know your skin type, one gets foundations that caters for dry, normal, oily and combination skin. If you have a few dark spots on your face and want to hide it then it’ll be best to get a full coverage foundation however if you barely have any spots then you can get a medium to light coverage foundation. 


Now we all know what eyeliner means to us right? Never leave the house without it. I got this one from Foschini and its apart of the new Colours Limited Range, it retails for R19.99, Bargain! And it has a smudger at the back for those smokey eye moments. 


You can’t have a complete makeup look with your slaying eyebrows, now when I started off I used the Essence eyebrow pencil in the Shade 02 (brown). I can’t remember the retail price per say but I do know it’s affordable and gets the job done. 


It’s always best to start with a neutral palette, it works with every makeup look. I got this Colours Limited eyeshadow pallet and the pigmentation is AMAZING and it retails for under 50 bucks. 


This is one thing I never go without, I was using the Charlie Revlon Mascara but I ran out and purchased this Colours limited mascara, this brand is just doing new things and I’m all for new things. However this mascara sucks, it gets all messy and stuff so defs not worth buying.


Now usually it’s safe to stay on the neutral side of things when it comes to your lipstick as well but I believe to live life in Colour bay-beh  so go with whatever colour you fancy. 


It’s always best to set a liquid with a powder and for your makeup to last long and not rub off on people it’s always best to set it with a powder. I use this translucent powder that I got from the Essence Range. It’s Light weight and works so well. I can’t remember the retail price because I got it over a year ago. 


If you have dry skin like I do then you might realize your makeup looking all cakey, I resolve this by using a setting spray that hydrates my skin and helps with the whole cakey business. I’ve used the Avon setting spray before and I’ve realized my homemade one works just as well. If you want to know how I made this setting pray you can just click Here .
These are my basic beginners makeup products every beginner should have. I hope you guys liked this post. 

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