Heeeeeeey, what’s been happening? So I’m back with another review and today I’ll be reviewing the Ponds Pimple clear range. My face started breaking out about a year ago and I’m still battling with this. To be honest I think it’s mainly because I’m not following a healthy food plan and not consuming enough water. I was kinda hesitate on buying these products, not because I heard bad reviews or anything but because I wasn’t in the mood to spend money on products just to find out they don’t work, cause that’s beeeeen happening to me. However I took the leap and bought the products and here we are a few weeks later with a review, yay! 

This comes in a tube container about 87ml, it’s also pretty affordable I think I paid about R55 for it and got it from Foschini. What I like about this face wash is the fact that it’s not harsh on your skin, it’s delicate and gets the job done. What I didn’t like about it though is that it left my face feeling a little bit dry idk if this is because I have dry skin or not. I reckon this product could go a long because you only use a little with each wash so that’s another bonus. 

This is packaged in a 18ml tube container and its purchase price is R46. You supposed to use this product along with the face wash for the best results. Now this gel feels amazing when applying it onto your skin, it has that soothing feel and hydrates your skin as well. 

It’s formula is supposed to target pimples and make them vanish in just 3 days. 

Does it remove pimples in 3 days? 

Yes it does, the product does just what it says. It removes pimples in 3 days and you feel it working from the first wash. However don’t have too many expectations like I did, I figured since it makes pimples vanish I wouldn’t get them at all ( idk what I was thinking). You still get pimples this product just speeds the vanishing process up. 

Would you repurchase these products? 

Yes I would,I’m actually running out of the gel product and have to restock. 

Would you recommend this ?

Yes and no.If you get the occasional pimple when it’s that time of the month or whenever then this would defs be for you but if you going through heavy breakouts I wouldn’t recommend it because it won’t prevent your face from breaking out. 

I hope you guys found this helpful. If you’ve used this product before or thinking of buying it please don’t hesitate to comment down below. 

* words and picture by myself* 



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