A few months ago I received the starter pack combo from Native child, now I couldn’t wait to try these out mainly because there aren’t many natural hair products in SA and I’ve heard good things about the brand. 
Now Native Child is an all natural hair brand that supplies raw and natural hair products. 
I’ve used this only a had full of times and that’s because I can’t really stomach the smell ( it reminds me of my childhood, not in a good way).This product is suppose to stimulate hair growth but I haven’t used it religiously to track hair growth and see if it actually works. I’m so sorry guys, I’m bad at sticking to routines. 

This is what I smell like all the time, everybody knows coconut oil is magical and the raw coconut oil from Native child works wonders. Now my hair is super dry and this product minimizes the dryness. However it only minimizes it even after I’ve used a sufficient amount of the product my hair still looks dry so I combine this with Black chic hairfood (the coconut one, because one can never have too much of it) and that together makes my hair look healthy and dry free. 

This product nourishes my scalp and makes it feel healthy. You can add this to your conditioner or use it as a hot oil treatment. 

The great thing about these products is that you can also use them on your skin so it’s not just limited to your hair only and it’s very affordable. If you are interested in any of these products you can access their website by clicking Here .

*words and views on the product are my own honest views* 


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