If you still have no idea on what to get Bae this valentine then this post is just for you. getting someone the perfect gift can be overwhelming but its the little things that usually makes for a great gift. In the picture above are examples of great valentine’s day gifts however if you want a wide variety here are more options:

  • if he’s a soccer geek,then you can get him his favourite team jearsey or Fifa 17.
  • if he has a sweet tooth like mine does, a custom made jar with sweet goodies would be ideal or chocolates, who said guys don’t eat chocolates?
  • if you into DIY’s you could get a deck of cards and write down 52 reasons why you love your partner, bind it and give that as a gift.

My boyfriend will probably see this post, surprise!! Now you know what i’m getting you. I hope this post was helpful, comment below if you have any other gift ideas that i may have forgotten to mention or tell me what you think of these.


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