Besides the whole “it’s January” saga (being broke and living off nothing but cheese) this month has been nothing but good to me, not giving away too many deeds though, it’ll all be revealed soon. How has your first month of 2017 been? And when I ask I genuinely urge you to comment down below because I really want to know, so please comment šŸ™‚ 

I decided to do a post about different hairstyles you could do when your hair is braided because at times wearing it completely down or in a bun can get pretty exhausting, trust me I know. 

This front half bun ( I didn’t know what to call it lol) is ideal if you feel like wearing your braids down but out of your face as well. 


  • Section hair infront
  • Tie the sectioned hair 
  • Twist into a bun 

I call this one ‘ the side view’ ( literally just made that up)It’s also ideal if you going for the wear it down but out of my face look. 


  • Section hair
  • Cover half of your forehead and bring hair to the side you prefer (mine in this case was the left hand side)
  • Get a few Bobby pins and pin the hair down 
  • Tip ( if you have a bow clip, pin the hair down with it to make the look more feminine) 

Bantu knots 

The thing I love about Bantu knots is that you not limited, who said knots can only be done on natural hair? Exactly!

  • Section hair in four sections, now if you want more knots you’ll have to section the braids into smaller sections. 
  • Plait/Twists each section
  • Twist into knots

Side bun

With this look you can just place all the braids to the side and bun it up but in this case I decided to braid it on the side. 


  • Section hair into three sections and plait it (3-strand)
  • Take all sections and bring them to the side
  • You can pin the hair down if you like, I just tied it all together and made my bun. 

Two is always better than one right? 


  • Section front half of the hair in two sections
  • Tie each section
  • Twist and bun up each section while wearing the rest of the hair down. 

If you have a favourite protected hairstyle comment down below I’d love to hear what it is.


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