I got these goodies about a week ago, I’ve been hearing and reading about them so I decided I gots to have them (y’all know that urge right?).

I have very dry skin and large pores so whenever I use any powder on my face it leaves it looking all cakey and ever since then I’ve been on the lookout for a product that could help hide pores. That’s when I heard about the Maybeline pore eraser, I’ve used it twice and it works so well, it is a primer so you can wear it alone or under your makeup and it is strictly for Adults. 

This translucent powder from Essence is all types of amazing guy, it’s so light on your skin, it doesn’t leave your face looking all cakey and it’s affordable. 
Everybody has been rocking false lashes and even though I’ve been feeling some typa way about them I’ve decided to try them out, YOLO. I’m still busy trimming them though so once I’m happy I’ll probably post a picture up on IG.


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