I’ve been growing out my nails since high school so I’m a lover of all different nail polishes and Colours. I’m always buying new ones to grow my nail polish collection, I got these ones from Avon in the shades Minty and Paprika pumps. 
I’m more of a gel nail polish typa girl mainly because it stays on much longer,the shine it gives off is gorg and it doesn’t require a lot of layers, not to mention how quickly it drys up so you save a lot of time. 
These were R59.99 each which is pretty affordable but I don’t like the formula, each time I’d put it on little bubbles would appear on my nails (now this has happened a thousand times ugh) at first I thought my nails were dirty so l’d buff my nails just before applying but it’ll still happen. It also starts chipping after the second day so you can’t have it on for more than three days. What I love about these though are the Colours, they eye catching and defs a must have this summer. 
However if you a ‘do nails once a week girl’ I would recommend gel nail polish, Revlon’s new range is amazing. 
I currently have the Minty shade on. 



  1. Hmm! I’ve been hearing a lot of people say the AVON nail polishes just don’t last! That’s a pity cos they have such nice colours! I love Revlon so I totally agree with you.


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