New day,new week, new beginnings and a few weeks closer to Christmas Yasssssss.

I put this cheapies post together for you guys because sharing is caring. 

These brushes i absolutely luuuuuuuuuuve, they a seven piece set which includes two powder brushes, a blush brush, a eyeshadow brush, lip liner brush, concealer brush and an eyebrow brush. I got these from a JET store for only R45 yaass only 45 bucks. So make sure you get these if you wanna save a whole lot on makeup brushes. 

This garner daily complexion cream is fire mahn and genuinely helps with uneven skin tone, so if you have dark marks you know what to do. I got this for about R35 and it lasts. 

OMG guys!!! Nivea is the one hey like these two products I simply can’t go without. Now a few months ago cosmo had a sample of the Nivea roll on invisible black and white so I was like ayt let me try it out and see how it goes, few months down the line and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. This roll on doesn’t drain my clothes, smells good and keeps me fresh all day long. Don’t get me started on the body lotion which is a must have if you suffering from dry skin, now I for one have very bad dry skin and almost everything I tried just didn’t work,that was until I tried the Nivea body lotion for dry skin with added almond oil and now my skin looks amazing and moisturized. 

This by far has to be thee best drugstore concealer, this concealer speaks for itself it is amazeballs (hol’up do people still say amazeballs?) ugh whatever. The going price for these concealers range between R60-90 and they exclusive to dischem pharmacies. 

These Colours limited products are insanely cheap and work so well, I couped their lipgloss and it smells so divine and moisturizes your lips too not to mention that they were only R19.99 each. If you a makeup beginner and want a brand that’s affordable and won’t hurt your budget, defs checkout the Colours limited range exclusive to Fochini outlets. 

We all love lipstick right? I mean who doesn’t and sometimes I’m too broke to cough up over a R100 bucks for one lipstick so I’ve found something that works the same and is so much cheaper, these amazing LA girl lip liners. I paid about 20 bucks for one lip liner and the results are amazing, I did some swatches for you guys with some of my favourite shades. 

Shade- pink parfait

Shade- rose

Shade- deepest purple

Shade- natural


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