MIA much? Well this flu is just refusing to go ago man ugh.. 

But I had to do this DIY lipstick palette for you guys because well what are girls for, right? If you are tired of carrying different lipsticks around and want them all in one place then carry on reading. 

I just used an old Lancôme eyeshadow palette that was empty and added my two favourite lipsticks for this spring/summer.

What you’ll need is:

  • An empty palette 
  • A candle 
  • Matches or lighter 
  • Two of your favourite lipsticks or more depending on your palette. 
  • A butter knife 
  • A spoon

Firstly you’ll need to cut the lipstick you wanna use with the knife. Thereafter put the lipstick on the spoon, light up the candle and place the spoon on top of the candle. The lipstick will melt,pour it into the palette and you halfway there. 

Repeat the same steps for the second lipstick and you’ve got yourself a lipstick palette, don’t forget to put it in the fridge for a few hours.


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