Happy Tuesday guys, now this is usually the longest day ever!, according to my calendar that is. but I do have a feeling it’s going to be a great day. I decided to do a review post today. 

Now there’s been a lot of hype around the new Revlon colourstay foundation so curiosity got the better of me and I had to try it out. I’ve always been a Revlon girl (since I started using makeup) and 90% of the products I have are from Revlon so I already knew this product was going to be bomb. 
When I first used this foundation to be honest I was a little disappointed, mainly because I expected a full coverage foundation and it turned out to be medium coverage. 
However because of its lightweight consistency you can put on multiple layers until you’ve obtained the coverage you want without it looking like a hot mess. What’s great about this foundation too is that it makes your face feel so light you’d forget you have makeup on and it lasts up to 24 hours ( no seriously it does). This foundation is definitely my favourite and I use it all the time. 

Hope you guys have a great day, and a lovely week ahead 🙂 . 


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