Hey guys, it’s the middle of the week and I can’t wait for the weekend. It’s a bit chilly today but I’m hoping the sun will grace us with its presence, it’s too cold man 😦 .

So I decided to do a review post for you guys.I’ve had flawless skin for as long as I can remember but my face started breaking out this year when I moved back home (Johannesburg ), I was in Cape Town for two years. 
I decided to get a daily moisturizing /vanishing cream that would help me get rid of the dark marks and uneven skin tone caused by the pimples so I ended up buying the Clere radiance daily cream. 
I used this product for close to three months and I must say I’m very disappointed. I still have uneven skin tone and the initial marks I had before using the cream. It also leaves your skin matte but only for a few hours and not throughout the day so that too was disappointing. 
I hope this post was helpful, till next time 🙂. 


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