Hello hunnies, about two weeks ago one of my friends attended the hairstory event in Cape Town on my behalf. I was so green with envy but the event turned out to be a huge success.  The event brought a lot of natural heads together to discuss everyday challenges and solutions. I asked the host Lindiwe van Staden a few questions and this is what she had to say. 

What motivated you to start these hair brunch events?

” The reason I started My Hairstory out of curiosity. My questions regarding my hair and the maintenance needed answers. I wasnt really getting them from the youtube videos or even the blogs I always followed. And if I did find information it was always towards an American audience so I could never locally source the products.In a few words I was just fed up with the perfect natural hair images while I was struggling haha. I needed to here about other struggles or truimpths. And that is how the brand was born.”

Are you planning on expanding and hosting events in other provinces?

” At the moment we do want to expand and we are definitely wanting to take this on the road (to other provinces). This last event was such a success and so many new networks were created.”

This was the second annual hair brunch event, what made it different from the first?

” The 1st my Hairstory was really just an introduction to your hair and your hair type. We had an afrostylist that came and gave us a step by step tutorial as to how to treat your hair type. 

The 2nd My Hairstory really answered the next questions people had – Where do we find these producst? 

I managed to get 7 South African product manufacturers at the event. It was important for me to also share their success stories. I do not want us to look outside our African borders when we have people who know and truly understand African hair. That message was very important. Then the last message that was also very important was getting the everyday girl to meet the mad scientist behind the products they trust. The journey becomes so much more personal once you know and meet the people behind the product.”

Where can people get ahold of you?

“Our website is still in the making but they can get ahold of us on our social media ” 

You can get ahold of them on 

Facebook: My Hairstory Za

Twitter:  hairstory_my

Instagram: my_hairstory 

    Photography: Terri-Anne de Jager


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