Trying to convince myself that I’ll be fine, after all its my fault for thinking getting intoxicated would be any fun. Looking for someone to blame for that not so trivial crime.

Woke up the next morning not remembering any occurrence, busy connecting the dots hoping that somehow it would make a difference. Having repenting sessions for what you’ve done to me, telling myself it will blow over by the time I’ve reached one,two,three.

Why am I still thinking about this? How you being avuncular made a fool out of me,you mislead me and I was too drunk to see.The cacophony of my thoughts are driving me insane,a simple night out resulted in misery and pain.

I should have declined when that dubious feeling crept in,but I wasn’t myself and you took advantage of things. Subconscious spitting out images that I can’t remember.

I’m trying!
Trying to be strong but I keep failing.
Wanting it to stop but my heart keeps aching.
Sitting here and I’m physically breaking.
Who knew “fun” would leave me fading…



One thought on “A NIGHT OUT

  1. It’s difficult to describe what I just read but yet it planted a very vivid setting in my mind….


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